Xavier Novak

A 17 year old nonbinary boy who uses he/they and is a vampire. He is gay and has autism and DID! His family consists of his adopted little sister Kaoru and his mother and father who do not live with him. He's a confident, yet shy boy, and he's attracted a lot of attention at school for being the 'mysterious boy'. He loves going out with his little sister when he can, and he wants to live life to its fullest, even with his traumatic past.
>Born in the Czech Republic, Xavier Novak is an only child. His family immediately moved to the United States where they stayed in a house and raised Xavier. However, raising a child proved to be difficult, and by the time Xavier was nine, he was left to his own devices after his parents left him with his adopted sister Kaoru and flew back somewhere in Europe. Despite how sudden this was and how traumatizing it was, his family is very rich and left him with enough money to live comfortably, and still they send money for him once every year or so. Because of this all, from the abuse and neglect he suffered as a child and eventual abandonment, Xavier developed DID, a dissociatice disorder. Every day, he works to make sure that Kaoru lives a cozy life and never has to deal with what he did as a child.
However, on a lighter note, he loves his friends and has a somewhat worrisome attitude in the beginning, but eventually learns to ligthen up and have fun! He's just so used to being shunned by the world, that he finds communication and overall interaction hard sometimes, hence why he snaps at people sometimes. But overall, he's a very sweet, kind person!