Cameron, a 16 year old boy, falls in love with his best friend Xavier. Xavier is a vampire, unbeknown to anybody, and throughout the course of the story it is slowly revealed. While the (original) story focuses primarily on Cameron and Xavier, there are also developments and scenes focused on the other characters as well!

In the original story, you follow Cameron as he learns that he has a crush on his best friend who has been acting strange lately. Of course, this is because his crush happens to be a vampire. The original story ends on a sweet note with the two of them getting together and slowly growing closer despite their obvious differences, and no other characters besides the two of them are mentioned or introduced.

That could be called their 'origin story'. The new and improved story follows Cameron along with his other friends as they learn to vome to terms with who they are and the trauma they've experienced in the past, trusting one another and eventually ending off their sophmore, junior and senior years on a happy note. This is where all the content warnings come in.

It follows a more realistic path than the origin story of Cameron and Xavier and is much more serious with its themes of overcoming past trauma and learning that you can be loved despite your past. It still does have the element of love with Cameron and Xavier, as they both fall in love like they did in the original story. Not only do they deepen their relationship, but the other characters do as well, with the other main pairings being Michael/Jayden and Elly/Noelle. You can learn more about them on their respective pages!

There is certainly an element of unease at some points during the story, especially involing attempted suicide and unhealthy relationships/past abuse, and it is intended to be. However, I will not go indepth into it (at least not on this page). If you're sensitive to that, please stop at the warnings that are in big red lettering.
But basically, that's the general outline of the story! Maybe someday, when I feel more confident about the story, I'll add an extended page that has the entire plot written down, like I have it in my google doc.