Michael Dubois

A 16 year old trans girl who uses she/they. She is bisexual and has autism and BPD, along with being hypersexual! She lives at home with her mother.
She's an outgoing and loving girl, and she likes to give advice to her friends or do their makeup! She likes cute things and gets attached to people easily.
Born in the same sunny town in California as Cameron, Michael Dubois was raised by her mother all her life. She and her mother are very close, and Michael came out to her when she was just 8 years old. Her mother supported her and put her on puberty blockers, which was one of the happiest moments of Michael's life. As a younger teen, Michael thought she had met 'the one' due to her warped view of love and ended up having mainly sexual relations with an older boy. She regrets this and, although it's not explicitly described in the story, it is something important to her character. She feels a lot of shame and wishes she weren't so gullible back then. This has caused her to be suicidal, and she suspects that she has BPD.
However, once she's in highschool and meets her friends, she learns to accept herself and realize that none of that was her fault. It may have shaped the way she thinks and acts today, but otherwise, she survived it and that should make her proud. Her friends love her unconditionally and she loves them too, and she enjoys being with them and has never been happier with them!