My name is Sylvia, and I'm the genius behind Love Bites! I'm a 15 year old bigender transmasc person and I use he/lime pronouns. I am white and TME and ablebodied, and I absolutely adore guinea pigs! I love the color pink (as you could probably tell -.-'') and I've always been sort of interested in coding; I've coded carrds and bots before, but websites are very new to me. I also LOVE drawing and writing, and all the pictures on here were drawn by me! NOT THE BLINGEES/STAMPS/PIXELS/ETC THOUGH!! I have no idea how to make those sorts of things !
I consider myself a very cheery and helpful person, and I hate getting mad or sad about things and usually try to repress those emotions so nobody can see them. I have depression, anxiety, suspected autism, suspected BPD and DID, hence why both Cameron and Xavier also have that same dissociative disorder (although Cameron has a sub-version of it) . Even though having depression and anxiety can certainly hold me back from enjoying things to the fullest, I still like to try and do new things and take things one step at a time. I am currently living in a somewhat stressful enviroment, and I won't elaborate on it at all, but making this website and being able to freely design it to how I like it and ranting about my OCs has really been freeing for me and has distracted me from some of those stressors. So, if you're reading this, thank you! Even if nobody ever read this website, I still wouldn't mind because I had SO much freaking fun making it!