Jayden Williams

A 16 year old nonbinary person who uses any pronouns, but prefers she. She is a lesbian and has autism She's a quiet and direct person, and she often says things without realizing that they're either rude or inappropriate. She likes theatre and enjoys the silence of nature. She is also considered strange by some people because of how she isn't the best with identifying emotions.
Born in Washington, Jayden Williams was raised with her single mother. However, after a fued with her mother and father, Jayden was moved to California to live with her aunt, uncle and nephew. This all happened with Jayden was fairly young, but she still misses her mother from time to time. However, despite her family situation, she loves living with her aunt and uncle and they treat her kindly and accept her gender identity. Her nephew is still confused about it, but he's always somewhat respectful towards her.
She has autism and doesn't recognize emotions in both herself and in other people, but with the help of Elly, she slowly begins to. At first, she had a hard time interacting and making conversation with her friends, but with time, she began to learn and now is able to communicate freely and fully express herself around her friends. Thanks to all of them, Jayden's life has brightened, and she loves spending time with her friends and participating in school events with them!