Cameron Campbell

A 16 year old transgender boy who uses he/she/they. He is bisexual and has autism and OSDD-1b! His family consists of his twin sister Emilie, his mother and father, and his older brother Aaron.
He's a kind, sweet-hearted boy, who likes to be social and hang out. He has a love for his friends and a love for fashion, especially cutesy or gyaru style clothing!
Born and raised in some unnamed sunny town in California, Cameron Campbell is the beloved son of a family of 5. He grew up going swimming in their grandparent's lake, catching frogs with his bare hands, and learning how to make bracelets and sew pillows! He used to go to the park with his sister Emilie every day when he was around 6, but suddenly stopped and avoided parks all together. Despite his 'normal' upbringing and family life, he has endured childhood trauma that I will not elaborate on that has caused him to develope OSDD-1B, a dissociative disorder. He has five alters I also will not elaborate on, so you can use your imagination for now.
Despite that, he still is a cheerful and hardworking boy. He doesn't let the past get him down, but when it does, he gets swallowed up by severe depression and dissociates for very long amounts of time, usually not remembering anything that happened in the day. He has his friends to help him out though, and he's never been more happier with them!